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Our team of counselors is committed to help students by explaining various available options and choices of various universities and colleges. Students are giving in-depth knowledge about various universities and colleges set up all around the world.

University Selection

Apt advice is given to students regarding the selection of the colleges and universities on the basis of ranking, location, courses offered and most important budget. We also provide them with all the information they need about the location, resources, facilities and accommodation available at a chosen university.

Visa Application and Documentation

We help the students in documentation, which is the most important aspect when they apply for their VISA. We ensure that valid documents are attached with the application. We also make sure that the application conforms to set the rules and regulations that are used to access the application for visa.

Scholarships Assistance

If the student full fill the conditions laid by colleges and universities, they are liable for scholarships. We forward the request on behalf of the students to grant them scholarships, which are very beneficial for the students taking monetary cost to studies in consideration.

Assistance for Bank Loans

On basis of our professionalism and the authenticity of our students we have been able to build good relations with banks, which offer loans to students to meet out their cost of studies.

Visa Interview Preparation

Most of the consulates require the applicant to appear for interviews and facing the interviews may be a complex task for some. We prepare the applicant with mock interviews by creating the similar ambience that they may encounter while their interviews in the consulates. This helps the applicants to perform with dexterity in their interviews.

Airline Ticket Bookings

We help the students to contact travel agencies that would book tickets through the most suitable and affordable airline. We also advice the students as to what they must carry as luggage comprising of their basic requirements and also of specific requirements according to the institute, location and course.

Pre-departure Briefings

We understand that adjusting to a new environment is a difficult task for the students. To educate the students about the challenges we brief the students about climatic conditions, travel, exchange rates of their selected countries.